Jim Bradrick has been animating and illustrating from the
Pacific Northwest since 1980, and in the Seattle area since 1990.
Specializing in traditional 2D animation aided by state-of-the-art
digital technology, he has animated for film, video and games.
His illustration includes custom character design, advertising art,
comics and book illustration. Jim works confidently in a variety
of traditional art media in addition to his expertise in digital programs
such as Animate Pro, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketchbook Pro.

From animation consulting services to production work, contact
him for outstanding help with your animation or illustration project.

Jim is available for start-up and milestone meetings
with clients in the Greater Seattle area.

Jim Bradrick offers the following services:

  • Character animation
  • Character design
  • Storyboarding
  • Concept art
  • Animation project direction
  • Illustration for print or digital media



In addition to his commercial work,
Jim is creating  a personal animated film,
The Crossing, and maintains two artist’s blogs.


Acme shot

Acme Punched! is a teaching blog for animators

and serious students of animation who are interested
both in animation technique and in the creative
thought processes that bring it about. Using mostly
examples from his work on his own personal film,
“The Crossing”, Jim tries to reconstruct for readers
his planning and thinking as he creates his animation.
Mistakes and false steps are not left out, as we all
know that those are the things from which we
really learn. Includes some history, book
and film reviews, and opinion.


Graphite shot

Along the Graphite Path is Jim’s
blog about drawing and illustration,
often showing step-by-step stages
of development and sometimes
featuring his entries in the popular
Illustration Friday competition.